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A different kind of Spaghetti for Nigerian dinner!

A different Spaghetti
Hello, this is the first time I’ll be writing and giving out the recipe for any meal I’ve cooked. So, here goes.
I won’t write the specific amount of things to use so as not to confuse anyone. But I cook for five people so if you want me to tell you, drop a comment and I will reply asap.


1) Spaghetti
2) grounded pepper and tomatoes
3) kpomo (pomo)
4) Stock fish (okporoko)
5) Sardine(s) (or meat, fish, chicken, etc)
6) salt
7) Maggi
8) Curry
9) Groundnut oil
10) Carrot
11) Peas
12) Onions
13) Green pepper
14) spring onions

Put water in a sizable pot and cover to boil.

Add salt after sometime.

Add a little bit of vegetable oil into the water. This is to prevent the spaghetti from being clumpy.

Break the number of spaghetti packs you want to use and add them to the boiling water.

Debone and piece the stock fish, wash and set aside.

Scrape the Kpomo, dice it in tiny bits, wash with salt and set aside.

Bring a smaller pot, add the debonned stock fish and the kpomo.

Add salt, maggi, curry, garlic, chopped onions, add water to be just a little above the stock fish and kpomo. Then put on the fire to cook. You should know when this is done by tasting a bit of the kpomo and stock fish to check if they’re soft). There should be a little sauced water left in the pot.

Pour the contents into a bowl. Don’t wash the pot. Add your grounded tomatoes and pepper into the pot and put on the fire to boil. Keep turning until the tomatoe is a thick paste, then remove from the fire and pour contents in a bowl. By this time, your boiling spaghetti should be done and out of the fire. Pour in a sieve and set aside.

Take the pot you just removed the spaghetti from, dry and out it back on the fire.

When the pot is heated, add your vegetable oil and allow to heat some more.

Then add your onions and allow to fry.

Add the boiled mixture of pepper and tomatoes and allow to fry some more.

Add the cooked kpomo, stock fish and the sauced water. Allow to boil for a bit.

Add your ingredients (maggi, salt, curry, etc (whatever floats your boat) )

Then add your vegetables (chopped carrot, peas, green pepper, spring onions). Allow to boil for some minutes.

Add the per boiled spaghetti and stir. Cover the pot and allow the spaghetti to boil.

Keep checking and string to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot.

When the water is almost dried up, put your sardines on top so it doesn’t break (but if you want to break it, by all means, go right ahead and scatter it inside the spaghetti) .

When there’s almost no water left, remove the pot from the fire.

The food is ready to be dished and eaten.

I hope this has been helpful.

I came up with this at the spur of the moment when I couldn’t think of anything else to cook for dinner.


Your comments, criticisms and corrections are very welcomed.

If you have recipes you came up with on your own, please, do share and I’ll put it up.

Thank you.