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Four Types of Women a Nigerian Man Would Most Likely Settle Down With

It is a taboo for a man to remain unmarried in Nigeria, which is why many successful men are swarmed by eager women who would do anything in order to bear Mrs. X. The truth of the matter is that Nigerian men prefer certain types of women for marriage and they prefer certain types of women just for sex and nothing more.

Women who are at the top of the marriageable list are;

Light Skinned Women



There is a popular Yoruba song that goes “omo pupa o, omo pupa la wa n fe; omo pupa o ju wo mo feran re o” it literally means “light skinned girl you are the one we want to marry, light skinned girl, please I love you.”

Most men will give their right arm to date and marry a light skinned girl. In the olden days (and now) light skinned girls attracted more suitors and their bride price were quite exorbitant. Light skinned women are always the centre of attraction and most men who date them believe that marrying (a much coveted) light skinned girl will do wonders for their egos.

Most dark skinned women have taken to using skin bleaching crèmes in order to compete with their fairer counterparts.

Women With Ample Flesh





Most Nigerian men will not marry a skinny woman but they would rather sleep with her instead. Many men from the western and eastern part of Nigeria believe that a woman is more beautiful if she has ample flesh, some men have been known to date only women who have big butts! Most Yoruba men are of the opinion that sleeping with a skinny woman is like sleeping with a man, but sleeping with a woman that has some ample flesh will give them something soft to hold on to.

Understanding Women



An intolerant woman will sure have a hard time finding a man to settle down with. No Nigerian man wants a woman who will grill him at the slightest opportunity. If a Nigerian man suspects you to be intolerant of his (sometimes) bad behaviour, he will drop you like a hot potato.

The trick most women employ is to become his legal wife first, and after the wedding (now they have a firm foot hold) they’ll draw up a list of do’s and don’ts for their husbands to abide by.

Hardworking Women



Most men in Nigeria will never consider marrying a woman who is not gainfully employed or runs a business of her own. Gainfully employed women are at the very top of a searching bachelor’s list. The present economic situation in the country is not making things any easier for men, who are mostly the bread winners of many Nigerian families. Most men want a wife who can help support the family (financially). Most women and a few men still believe that it is the man’s responsibility to provide for his family and allowing a woman to do part of his job is nothing but an insult to his manhood.


– Culled from Yahoo


2face and his love… for shisha!

ImageImage2face IdibT1ia posted these pictures where he’s chilling and smoking shisha. Calls it spiritual healing. Lol. Is it just me or is this man getting hotter by the day? Pregnant Annie is very lucky sha. *wink*

Annie Idibia cries during an Inspiration FM interview

Nigerian music legend, 2face Innocent Idibia’s wifey + one of his baby mamas, Annie Macaulay Idibia broke down during an interview with Inspiration FM’s Nana King during her 45 minutes Girl Power programme. 

Excerpts, you can listen to the interview after the cut too.

  • On her Dubai wedding

Dubai wedding was hubby Tuface’s idea not mine. I wanted a very quiet wedding in Abuja, in short we wanted a quiet wedding but then Tuface wanted a dream wedding in Dubai, you know he has got
friends and so maannieny peeps.

<img alt="" src="https://loveekwulo.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/fdec6-gindmood.jpg?2face-and-anniew=300″ width=”280″ height=”280″ border=”0″ />
  • Girls in the mood movie poster controversy:

That photo of me on the movie cover with a towel and panties, was photoshopped. That girl wasn’t me, my face was used on someone else’s body. I wanted to sue the movie producer but my husband said I should ignore it.

  • Her takes on blogs

They are annoying but I will never say any word against them…they love making news out of nothing, so most times I ignore the stories, I don’t bother my head about their stories anymore

  • On her relationship with her stepchildren and their mums

I love them. When you love someone, you get to love or fall in love with what they love too so I love those boys, they are just as sweet as my Isabella and I have a good relationship with their mums too.

  • Insulting her daughter on social media

I will rather have anyone insult me and my husband than insult my daughter. I won’t let people insult my daughter.

Annie eventually broke down in tears when a fan called to wish her well and thank her for standing by her man when he was a nobody.

Listen below: