Annie Idibia cries during an Inspiration FM interview

Nigerian music legend, 2face Innocent Idibia’s wifey + one of his baby mamas, Annie Macaulay Idibia broke down during an interview with Inspiration FM’s Nana King during her 45 minutes Girl Power programme. 

Excerpts, you can listen to the interview after the cut too.

  • On her Dubai wedding

Dubai wedding was hubby Tuface’s idea not mine. I wanted a very quiet wedding in Abuja, in short we wanted a quiet wedding but then Tuface wanted a dream wedding in Dubai, you know he has got
friends and so maannieny peeps.

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  • Girls in the mood movie poster controversy:

That photo of me on the movie cover with a towel and panties, was photoshopped. That girl wasn’t me, my face was used on someone else’s body. I wanted to sue the movie producer but my husband said I should ignore it.

  • Her takes on blogs

They are annoying but I will never say any word against them…they love making news out of nothing, so most times I ignore the stories, I don’t bother my head about their stories anymore

  • On her relationship with her stepchildren and their mums

I love them. When you love someone, you get to love or fall in love with what they love too so I love those boys, they are just as sweet as my Isabella and I have a good relationship with their mums too.

  • Insulting her daughter on social media

I will rather have anyone insult me and my husband than insult my daughter. I won’t let people insult my daughter.

Annie eventually broke down in tears when a fan called to wish her well and thank her for standing by her man when he was a nobody.

Listen below:





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